Hi! I’m Jess and I love to travel.

Originally from the Boston area with a brief stint in Pittsburgh, I am now a proud resident of Baltimore. The world is my oyster and I hope to share all the little pearls I put into my trip planning with you. Life is too short to stay in one place!

Things you should know about my travel style:

  • I like to keep budget in mind but don’t mind splurging for something extraordinary once in awhile.
  • I prefer nature-related activities over museum hopping.
  • I value memories and experiences over shopping for goods.
  • I love vegetables and carbs.
  • Cameras:
    • Photos prior to 2012 were taken with a Canon Powershot digital camera
    • Photos taken from 2012-2015 were by an IPhone 4S
    • Photos taken from 2015-2016 were taken by an IPhone 6.
    • I edit photos using the App “Afterlight“.