Iceland: Saying goodbye to Reykjavík

This is post 10/10 of our trip to Iceland in October 2017.

Day 10: Half day of saying goodbye to Reykjavík! We had an early flight out in the afternoon so we decided to take it an easy morning and walk around the quanit capital one last time. It is quite easy to wander around and there are so many cute little houses to look at. We also checked out an excellent bakery called Brauð & Co. which was filled with decadent smells and equally decadent pastries! We loved watching the bakers work on pastries and picking out a bunch of new things to try. There were some definite hits (the cream filled pastry below) as well as some definite misses (I would skip the pretzels unless they are fresh out of the oven and going to be eaten immediately and the licorice (a popular flavor) pastry did not agree with us)). We bought enough for breakfast as well as for snacking on the airplane!

Our tips for making the max out of going to a new country: We love listening to music by local artists when we are in a new country and watching movies that take place in that country to be completely immersed while we are on vacation! Some amazing music comes from Iceland: Sigur Ros, Of Monsters and Men. We made playlists from these artists and listened on our drives. We also enjoyed watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” which films a lot in Iceland. One night we rented a documentary called “Under the Arctic Sky” which follows cold water surfing under the Northern lights in Iceland. So much of Game of Thrones also takes place here (there are themed tours we did not partake in).


Goodbye Iceland! You were as amazing and beautiful as we had hoped. Until next time!


Colorful exterior of Brauð & Co


Heavenly smells and sights


A cute mural depicting the capital
My favorite pastry
Loved these little feedback stations all over the Iceland airport. We gave them a 🙂 rating!

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