Iceland: Stöðvarfjörður to Gerdi (Eastern Iceland and Glacier Lagoon)

This is post 6/10 of our Iceland trip in October 2017.

Day 6: Stöðvarfjörður to Gerdi (with a brief jump to Glacier Lagoon, Jökulsárlón). After snowstorms yesterday, we awoke to a beautiful day on Eastern Iceland. Driving around the fjords was so beautiful that we had to stop for a photos around almost every bend. Iceland never fails to induce wonder. The Ring Road is often bordered by farmland with sheep, Icelandic ponies, and rarely cows which you can see in the pictures below. It is unfortunate as I understand these farms and hungry livestock led to a lot of the deforestation of Iceland. First stop today was to the fun outdoor egg artwork landmark, called Eggin í Gleðivík. From there we stopped at another small town for a sweet snack.

We had a boat tour of Glacier Lagoon planned for today so we got there with plenty of time to wander and take photos. We also stopped by another small glacier (they are all over the place near Skaftafell area and relatively un-touristy. Diamond beach, on the edge of the bay that leads to the lagoon, is gorgeous when there is a lot of sunlight, highly recommend. You can book tours of the lagoon here. We went on the amphibian boat tour (about 1 hr) which was excellent but we have heard the zodiac tours are even better since it is with a smaller group and smaller boat so you can get closer to glaciers. Even though the site may say it does not do zodiac tours, we found that many tours were operating while we were in “off-season”, so that may require checking back in with sites closer to your travel date. Honestly, though visually stunning and wonderful, the lagoon also invoked sadness given how much of the icebergs were melting and how little of the glacier remained compared to even just 10 years ago.

We celebrated the day of visual feasts with one of our few restaurant meals. My two veggie burger patties and salad were a splurge for ~ $38 USD but was a welcome break from all the pasta and pesto we were eating on the road.

Views from the road in East Iceland


Eggin í Gleðivík
I found a bird on the egg.


Universal fried dough snack, yum!


Glacier Lagoon
Diamond beach, named because of the way the sun shines and hits the grounded icebergs


On our Amphibian boat tour


Golden hour gorgeousness
Vegetarian meal, ~$38 USD

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