Iceland: Lake Myvatn to Stöðvarfjörður (let it snow!)

This is post 5/10 of our Iceland trip in October 2017.

Day 5: Lake Myvatn to Stöðvarfjörður. Honestly, this leg of the trip was more stressful and boring  (without many site stops) than any day due to the weather. Iceland weather can be very volatile once winter starts and depending on what part of the country you are at. Since we were rounding around the North and heading East (clockwise) we were probably going through the worst weather of our 10 day trip this day. We woke up to some gorgeous snow which ended making our travel rather treacherous as we tried to hit up a trio of waterfalls: Dettifoss,  Hafragilsfoss, and Sellfoss. The snow became so heavy and the roads almost impassable; it was a white out. We had to turn back south and were only able to see Dettifoss (most powerful waterfall in Europe) from a distance. Still wonderful!

Of note,  people without proper vehicles were stuck on hills in the parking lots and Iceland is so desolate help can be hard to come by. Definitely be prepared for the weather and check in this site often. We ended up just trucking through and were glad to reach our destination by night fall. To unwind before we got to our destination we stopped by a local geothermal pool near Egilsstaðir for 1 hour to warm up. We loved stopping by these local geothermal pools (reminds me of the YMCA), where you pay about $10-15 for entrance and get to soak as long as you like. This one was fancy and had a waterslide and several heated pools as well as a sauna.

By the time we arrived to Saxa Guest House it was dark and it appeared no one was there. We had to use our precious phone service and pay for the day just to contact the hosts. Keep in mind that it is useful to have back up phone service in this country!


These were all dirt/gravel roads with huge puddles and slush galore. Thankful for 4 wheel drive.
We could barely muster a smile in the intense wind and snow.
Here you can see the mist of the powerful waterfall, Dettifoss in the distance. We had to hike down to see it!
Dettifoss, most powerful waterfall in Europe. The roar from the water was impressive.
Near white-out conditions
Love these landscapes, almost like Mars.
And then it clears, gorgeous.
The name of the geothermal pool we took a dip in.
Dusk falls.

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