Favignana- swimming in the Terranean Sea!


Sunday morning we take a ferry to the nearby island of Favignana. There are many small islands around the western coast, but our coworkers suggested this one as perfect for an outing and some bike riding. I’ve never noticed this on the east coast, but when you look out onto the ocean in Sicily, the sky and water blend into a hazy blue in the horizon, you cant tell when one stops and the other one starts- its really beautiful. Favignana was one of those islands in the hazy blue distance we could see from Trapani, and we were happy to arrive to a small but navigable island when we jumped off the ferry.

Didn’t I tell you the water is unreal? X showed me how to use the Vibrant Blue setting on my camera, but even then it still doesn’t do the colors justice!

We rented bikes for about 5 euros for the day. It was a good workout to go all around the island, which is not entirely flat, and basically coast right next to the ocean.

Some pics of X and D with their bikes. Behind D is the castle on the island.

After about 2 hours or so of biking (unfortunately, D got a flat and had to exchange his bike) we decided to cool off in the sea! It was so refreshing just to jump in and the waters are surprisingly shallow. We got some gelato, jumped on the ferry back, then headed back to Palermo via train. It was a great first weekend exploring Sicily!

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